… or how to write rules?

I am really struggling with  writing a rules document. I have a lot of scribbles all over my desk and a handfull of half written rule documents. Now I want to try something else. Instead of aiming vor a complete ruleset, i will Just define key terms and game concepts – one after the other. No pressure to get something completed for now.


The game always has two sides: The player side and the non player side. A side can consist of multiple forces. Every force has a force morale level and one or more goals. A player force also has a commander.


He is the commander in chief of the player side. The non player side does not have a commander. A commander never moves alone, he must always accompany one or more columns. A commander who finds himself alone in an area due to the elimination of the column he accompanies is also eliminated from the game. Roll what happened to him after the game in the AA-table.


Each column is a block. Ich the block is face up, it means that he is still available to perform an operation. Its status is “to be activated”. If it is placed  bottom Up it means that it has already been activated and can no longer perform any operation.

Non player columns only have one difficulty number between 1 and 6 for the areas scout, battle and siege. These are rolled for when the column is sucessfully scouted.

The player has a cardboard card in which are tracked strength points and information of its various columns. The top track shows the strength points of the column. This value is differentiated into scout, battle and siege strength.

The bottom track shows the exhaustion points accumulated by the corps. As soon as the column has more than 8 fatigue points, it is destroyed and removed from the game. If the column loses strength points, remove the strength cubes freely and shift the remaining cubes to the left. If the column suffers exhaustion right.


Whenever a npc column is activated the player can try to scout it. He does this by accumulating the scout points of all player columns in 2m perimeter, if the column could theoretically move to the location of the npc column. The accumulated scout points minus the scout strength of the npc column is the factor against which a test is made:

Scout test:

Nailed: roll for exact battle and siege strength of npc column

Pass: roll for overall strength, without knowing battle or siege capabilities




Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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