Situation report: Eastern Pyrenees​ early 1793

The map:

The theatre shows the coast along the eastern Pyrenees from Carcassonne and Narbonne in the north (right on the image) to Gerona in the south. The border between France and Spain goes right through the middle along the spur of the Pyrenees. The biggest city in the area is Perpignan just north of the border. Perpignan and Carcassonne are classified as fortified cities the other cities and the mountainous areas are classified as defensive terrain.

What happened so far:

In 1792 the revolutionary forces drove into spain, scattering the royalist Spanish defenders and occupied Gerona and Palamos. Due to supply shortages over the winter the forces are in very bad condition with many desertions taking place. The Spanish are getting ready to take back their homeland while the British are preparing a landing (landing sites 1 – 3).
Troop dispositions at the beginning of the campaign:

The remnants of the French invasion force can be seen to the far left, occupying Spanish cities in Catalonia. A very thin supply line runs back to Perpignan and from there to Narbonne. In the north the reinforcement​s are arriving. One column from Narbonne and two from Carcassonne.

For now everything is quiet in the eastern Pyrenees, but the Spanish and British columns are sure to strike soon.


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