The strategic situation in 1793

My operational maps are based on a series of historical maps in the David rumsey map archive. There is also a composite showing most of western europe in the database, which I printed in a4 to act as my strategic overview map. Each sector on the overview map is also an a3 operational map, in which I can play a campaign game.

Each sector which is contested has 2 dice in it indicating morale status. The red dice shows the morale of the allies, the blue one shows the revolutionary forces. After every campaign game – the first of which will be my fighting in the eastern Pyrenees – I will roll for what happens in the other sectors and adjust the map accordingly.

The military situation in 1793 – southern France


Western Pyrenees – allies: 2; french: 3

  • The western Pyrenees are rather calm – nothing but a few border skirmishes were reported to Paris until now.

Eastern Pyrenees – allies: 2; french: 3

  • As I will play this sector first I won’t comment on the situation now – I will report in length on it soon enough.

Southern french/Italian border – allies: 6; french: 2

  • Meanwhile on the southern french/Italian border, the French forces were badly beaten by a piedmontese-austrian invasion force which now sieges Marseilles.

Northern french/Italian border – allies: 1; french: 1

  • While the theatre on the southern border along the coast is very active, the Italian Alps seem to be garrisoned with minimal forces by both sides.


The military situation in 1793 – northern France

Vendée – allies: 5; french: 1

  • The Vendée is raising an army to attack the central government and open communications with Britain. There are almost no republican forces in the region and rumour in Paris says that the British will be landing an army soon to support the loyalist coup.

Belgium – allies: 6; french: 2

  • In the north, the French invasion of Belgium in 1792 had completely failed, and the allied forces now resumed their interrupted scheme for the invasion of France. Controlling enormously superior forces, they were getting ready to aim for Paris. The French forces are scattered and almost at the point of breaking.

Lower Rhine – allies: 2; french: 5

  • The only glimmer of hope for the young republic in these desperate times is the lower Rhine valley. A young general by the name of Custine fought back all advances by the combined prusso-austrian forces in 1792 and is getting ready for a daring expedition into Germany. 

Upper Rhine – allies: 4; french: 2

  • In the upper Rhine valley, the French armies ended the year 1792 on a defensive posture near the border. Here also the allies were gaining strength.


Overall I am happy with how desperate the situation is. Marseilles, Vendée and Belgium are all on the verge of falling into the hands of the allies. If I don’t win fast and hard in the eastern Pyrenees I might never get a chance at glory as the republic will be aborted rather swiftly.


Author: bernhard1986

Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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