French army of Catalonia: 1793


The army is made up of 20 divisions. Every divison is represented by a single d6 – combining personel, supplies, morale, cohesion and other factors into one number. My initial role – thanks to DiceRoller – gave me the following result:

5 1 1 2 3 2 5 2 3 5 5 2 1 1 2 3 4 4 4 6

In game terms this means something like:

Guard or well equipped fresh divisions: 6 5 5 5 5

Worn or new divisions: 3 3 3 4 4 4 4

division low on numbers or hurt through prior fighting: 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 2

Sum of 61 on 20d6 means the army of Catalonia is slightly understrength. I guess some fighting happened along the border just before general Lecoque took over.

The army of Catalonia starts with 29 supply and has a supply reinforcment rate of 4.

The army of Catalonia is divided into six columns, each commanded by an officer.

Column 1

CinC: Jacques François Lecoque

Logistics Specialist, Old Guard, Court Standing: 3

Divisions: 6 5 5 Combined Strength: 16

The reserve of the army combining guard divisions and the cavalry reserve. The overall army commander Lecoque, who also directly commands column one, will try to commit these troops on the point of decision.


Column 2

Henri François Delapaine

Aggressive, Fearful, Court Standing 3

Divisions: 5 4 4 3 Combined Strength: 16

One of the two main columns of the army of Catalonia. Delapaine will hopefully show his aggressive traits and bring freedom to the spaniards.


Column 3

Louis Marie Terreur

Aggressive, Heavy Disciplinarian, Court Standing: 2

Divisions: 5 4 4 3 Combined Strength: 16

The other of the two main columns of the army of Catalonia. General de Division Terreur will surely act aggressively either against the enemy or in case of misfortune against his own troops.


Column 4

Moustache d’Ouest

Defensive, Old Guard, Court Standing: 2

Divisions: 3 2 1 1 Combined Strength: 7

Column 4 defends the mountain passes which will not see agressive action by the french. It is low on men, material and morale but will hopefully hold out against the enemy.


Column 5

Catherine-Dominique de Perpignan

Logistics Specialist, Greedy Glutton, Court Standing: 2

Divisions: 2 1 Combined Strength: 3

This column will either act as a decoy or for scouting purposes, probably as both.


Column 6

Claude Victor-Perrin

Charismatic, Amateur, Court Standing 1

Divisions: 2 1 Combined Strength: 3

This column will either act as a decoy or for scouting purposes, probably as both.


Overall the army is quite top-heavy, with three extremly strong columns, one rather weak columns and two columns which ar nigh unusable. The trick will be to get all three strong columns to fight together at the right time to deliver a severe blow to the surging spaniards.

Supply will be allocated to the divisions as soon as a first plan is formulated on the map.





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Father of a 2 year old, working at a star up in a rural community. Like the occasional solo game in the evening

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